Thin-film Battery

Thin-film Battery

Molex Thin-film Battery is a low-profile, flexible, disposable battery with a small footprint designed for low-power single-use applications



  • 1.5V

  • 3.0V

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Most developed countries have disposal regulations. This makes it costly and inconvenient for end users to dispose of products with lithium batteries.

Consumer and medical manufacturers need solutions that are comfortable and lightweight for the wearer.

Many printed batteries cannot reach peak current levels required for wirelessly transmitting data.

Molex Thin-film Battery is made of zinc and manganese dioxide, therefore making disposal much easier on the end user.

Molex Thin-film Battery are able to attach to wearables and medical biosensors and conform to a patient’s body for maximum comfort.

Molex Thin-film Battery’s stacked construction offers lower internal resistance, boosting peak current and enabling wireless communication.

  • Reduced distance between anode and cathode

    Vertically stacked construction provides the following compared to single-layered construction:
    Reduced internal resistance
    Increased peak current
    Increased usable capacity
    Reduced footprint

  • No heavy metals

    Offers an economical, environmentally safe alternative to lithium

  • Available in 1.5 and 3.0V configurations

    Delivers power suitable for low-power disposable applications

  • Thin, flexible form factor

    Supports design flexibility appropriate for a wide variety of products

  • Flexible and bendable

    Can be applied on a curved surface with a bend radius of 25.00mm or greater


  • Biometric monitoring devices
  • Sports monitoring devices
  • Wearables


  • Environmental sensors
  • Perishable goods monitoring
  • Smart labels and tags


  • Biosensors
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Diagnostic devices
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Patient monitoring devices
  • Respiratory monitoring
  • Telehealth - remote patient monitoring systems




Printed Circuit Solutions
1.5 and 3.0V
Battery Type:
Primary Cell
Charge Capacity:
Up to 90 mAh


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