zCD Interconnect System

zCD Interconnect System

Offering the highest port and bandwidth density of any pluggable form factor available, the zCD Interconnect System delivers 400 Gbps per port with superior signal integrity performance



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In 2015, global IP traffic exceeded 1 zettabyte and is predicted to reach 3.3 zettabytes by 2021, which means 24% annual growth from 2016 to 2021. The rapid growth of connected devices and increasing bandwidth use require significant increases in the capacity of telecommunication networks and data center equipment connections. The zCD Interconnect System, Style 1 delivers cutting-edge technology, transmitting 400 Gbps data rates (25 Gbps per serial lane) with excellent signal integrity (SI), electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection and thermal cooling.

SFP+ and QSFP+ form factors are popular with data center and networking OEMs due to their ability to more than double front panel density. But future data rate needs will make these connectors obsolete. The zCD Interconnect System, conforming to the CDFP MSA, was conceived around the same form factors as SFP+ and QSFP+. But the zCD form factor will more than double the front panel density of QSFP+ while offering 400 Gbps data rates.

From 2012 to 2017, data center IP traffic grew by 25%. As a result, the data center/networking industry is driving to smaller, faster and lower-cost infrastructure. zCD enables the highest port and bandwidth density of any pluggable form factor currently on the market. For example, with a 0.75mm pitch and 400 Gbps per port, a 1U switch can deliver more than 5 Tbps.

  • Data rates scalable up to 400 Gbps (25 Gbps over 16 lanes)

    Supports high-bandwidth (fat pipe) next-generation applications. Enables 4.4 Tbps with 11 modules on a line card. Supports next-generation 400 GbE.

  • 0.75mm pitch, 16 lanes of 25 Gbps per port

    Provides compact footprint. Delivers high-density connection.

  • Elastomeric gasket

    Provides superior EMI containment and suppression.

  • Unique footprint optimizes signal integrity performance while also supporting straight-back routing

    Simplifies routing task. Optimizes board edge density – no need to side route to access inner PTH rows.

  • EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) compatible

    Allows customer to enter customized information.

  • Densest, fastest I/O connector in the market

    Enables network and data center OEMs to meet ever-increasing bandwidth needs.

  • Designed to accept a broad range of customer-specified thermal modules

    Provides excellent thermal management.

  • Three different diecast cage styles with mechanical keying available

    Meets varying design needs. Mechanical keying prevents mismating

  • Cable assemblies available with 30 AWG discrete twinax cable

    Allows for cable flexibility. Reduces cable bundle size.

Data Centers

  • Enterprise computing
  • Top-of-rack switches


  • Core switches
  • Routers


  • zCD Interconnect System and Copper Cable Assemblies


  • I/O Connectors

    An expansive line of high-density and -speed connectors with full compliance to industry standards


High-Speed Pluggable I/O Solutions
Data Rate:
400 Gbps
32 (16 channels) per input/output (I/O) port at 25 Gbps
Additional Options:
16 bi-directional channels operating at up to 28 Gbps


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