Radio Link Products

Filters, diplexers

Waveguide isolators and circulators

Hot standby couplers / OMT

Integrated assemblies

Filter Solutions

Dual, Triple, Quad or Penta-band Combiners

Designed with features including: Built-in
lightning protection, DC by-pass, indoor and
sealing for outdoor applications, Ultra-Low PIM,
with DIN, N & 4.3-10 connector types.

New Products

Sourcing components with 4.3-10 connectors, our
designs are updated with the new standard for
performance connectors which are engineered
to meet the rising performance needs for the
wireless market and applications with Low PIM
for wireless infrastructure, and Base Stations.

4.3-10 Connector Solutions

The competitive advantage in communications systems.

  • Compact sizes
  • Robust
  • Reliable electrical performance
  • High power
  • Low PIM -160 dBc
  • Low coupling tourque
  • Easy installation



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